Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fall is always Crazy

Everyone’s birthday is in the fall, and then you have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Talk about running around. I have been going to school at night and working the day job. Not much time for other things. Then you bring in the children and the dogs. Life is just really crazy. I will say this, are family has been going through some very rough patches lately. So I (we) have been focusing on the family instead of other things. Thanksgiving wasn’t the best of my life but we all must push forward. I’m dropping some of the balls I have juggling in the air just to be able to function again.

I’ve created an orange ribbon blanket for someone special with Leukemia. Orange is the ribbon color for Leukemia (so is green). I’m now creating another pink ribbon blanket for a friend to give to her mother who is a survivor. I love making those blankets! Though, I have pushed aside a pattern that I created. It’s a girl picking flowers and I’m going to make the flowers 3D. The flowers will be made separately and then attached to the afghan. Man, I cannot wait until I get that one completed. I will definitely be posting pictures of it.

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Katy S. said...

You sound like you have a ton on your plate. Keep up all the hard work for great causes. You are amazing!


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