Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here is a new project that really came out of no where. Even though it broke up my rhythm with the awareness blanket I really wanted to do it. I was asked to crochet a tissue box cozy. I found a free pattern for one at Maggie Weldon’s website. I tried really hard to get the pattern to work. I had trouble with it. So instead of killing myself learning the pattern, I just finished like I did. The flowers were interesting to make as well. So here is the finished project. I’m going to go back and learn how to make that pattern work because it is a great, beautiful pattern.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Christmas Season Again

Yes it christmas season again. I'm crocheting santa hats again. A great pattern from CrochetKim. My kids just love the hats. My son wears his all during the cold season. Though it is camo and orange colors so it doesn't look like the average santa hat :O). I can usually make one in an evening. I'm still working on the afghan as well. The holiday train if flying through

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fall is always Crazy

Everyone’s birthday is in the fall, and then you have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Talk about running around. I have been going to school at night and working the day job. Not much time for other things. Then you bring in the children and the dogs. Life is just really crazy. I will say this, are family has been going through some very rough patches lately. So I (we) have been focusing on the family instead of other things. Thanksgiving wasn’t the best of my life but we all must push forward. I’m dropping some of the balls I have juggling in the air just to be able to function again.

I’ve created an orange ribbon blanket for someone special with Leukemia. Orange is the ribbon color for Leukemia (so is green). I’m now creating another pink ribbon blanket for a friend to give to her mother who is a survivor. I love making those blankets! Though, I have pushed aside a pattern that I created. It’s a girl picking flowers and I’m going to make the flowers 3D. The flowers will be made separately and then attached to the afghan. Man, I cannot wait until I get that one completed. I will definitely be posting pictures of it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sorry, I’ve not posted recently. So much is going on in the personal life that I haven’t had time to blog. Well, I’ve finished another blanket. It's a simple design: dc across and fans for border. When I have had free time this is what I’ve been doing instead of blogging. I needed to finish by this weekend so I can mail it out to be at it’s destination by this coming weekend. Phew….! I’m now working another “awareness blanket”. This one is in a different color. That is what is great with this pattern. See “Charity” for more details concerning the pattern. You can associate it with any color for whatever cause you need it for. This blanket is a special project. It’s going to someone dear to me. She may read this blog so I’m going to try and keep her anonymous. She is a wonderful person and will battle this, just like she has done for other hurtles in her life. God Bless her and Keep her.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Creating Masterpieces

I’ve tried my hand at creating a pattern. I’ve drawn it up. Now I just need to create it and see how it works. I’m really excited about how it may turn out. When I have time to start working on, I’ll post pictures of the project from start to finish. Yes, I promise I will share with you. :O) Okay, I need to back to my day job.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What?! Just spell it out

Okay, I’ve had it. I’m now seeking help. When a pattern says to “sew edges together”, do they mean with a whip stitch, thread and needle, or some other stitch? Okay if it is supposed to be with needle and yarn, do you thread the yarn through front and back on both edges? How ambiguous is the comment “sew edges together”!? It’s been driving me nuts! I feel like a dog running around chasing my tail. So, I’m new. I understand how to read a pattern, but patterns I’ve used up until know TOLD me how to “sew edges together.” So now I’m working on a pattern that just says, sew edges together. So I go and look up the different ways to accomplish this. And let me just tell, I’ve just confused myself even more. You can single stitch pieces together, you can slip stitch them together, and then there is the whip stitch. On top of that you have the choice to either stitch just the front loops or back loops…..or both. So, I guess my true question is, “When do you use different techniques?”

Okay with that said, another question comes to mind. When putting multiple squares together for an afghan, what would be a good technique to get a smooth seem between squares? Well, right now I’ve been making High School color beanies for the local football fans. I’m also working on some scarves to go with them. Football is a BIG deal here in my town. Everyone goes nuts during the fall season. The local 2 high schools are big rivals and have one many, many state championships. I don’t keep up with it as much as I should. I guess when my kids get into high school it will be different. Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Seminoles, and Florida Gators are popular college teams locally too. Those items move quickly.

Excuse me for going of on a tangent here but what is it about starting to crochet, working on the computer, or reading a book that all the kids in the house must come out of the wood work to ask you an off the wall question? They leave you alone all day until you want to do something constructive and they just have to have you fullest attention. I don’t get it. Then you stop to give them the attention they want and they say, “Never mind.” It just makes you want to scream! Okay, my young ones are requesting audience. I’ll talk again soon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Charity work is very important. I have created 2 blankets for charity. I will recreate these blankets for charity. Just contact me and lets work something out. The bottom blanket is a pattern from Mary Maxim that I purchased to make for a raffle for the RELAY FOR LIFE. The other blanket was used for an auction to raise money for the RELAY FOR LIFE. I'm a big supporter of the cause. I have relatives that have suffered different forms of cancer ranging from leukemia and breast cancer all the way down to skin cancer. I do these charity blankets to honor them and to help others in the fight against cancer.

Yeah, I did it!

I've done it. I've created the slide show. Though I wanted it to show up in blog but I will (for now) be satified to have visiters click the link to view the slide show. Wow, that was insane.

Ok, down to crafting. I've been looking for fellow crafters to form a "Crafting Circle". Basically a group of gals getting together and share their projects or show off something new they learned. If you are interested please let me know. Just shoot me an email. Any who. I'm finishing a camo and pink beanie for a baby. It will go with booties and a bibb to match. A picture of the boy version is in the slide show. I will tell more soon.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Greetings, I'm currently working on baby bibs to go with my other baby items. I haven't quite mastered the top part of the bib that goes around the baby's neck. They just look weird. Any who, I thought I would at least post something to get the ball rolling. I'm trying insert a slide show that shows completed works. That’s not going so well. But here is a link to the slide show. I’m sure there is something I’m not doing right. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post more soon.


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